Early Miss – Marijuana Seeds Store

Genetics Big Bud x Original White Widow
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 200 g
Height Short
Flowering Time 7 weeks
Effect Relaxing
THC Level Moderate – High
Growing Easy – Moderate


The autoflowering marijuana strains have been admired for as long as the development of medical marijuana is concerned. Autoflowering strains are of advantage because they are easier to manage and faster growth is observed, compared to the traditional marijuana strains that are grown in greenhouses or farms. It is also the recommended strain for beginner growers because they grow fast with large yield. In just 49 days, they will achieve about 200 grams dry weight of Early Miss.

The Early Miss autoflowering cannabis strain is a genetic mix of the Big Bud and White Widow strains. This is a strain having a unique combination of 60% indica, 30% sativa, and 10% ruderalis. Among other autoflowering cannabis strains, the Early Miss has fast flowering period of only seven weeks. Female seeds are used to grow the Early Miss strain and you can plant this on either indoor or outdoor setting. Planting it outdoors will give you a net dry weight of 100 grams whereas you plant it indoors, you can actually double the expected outdoor yield.

Growing the Early Miss cannabis strain can range from easy to moderate planting maintenance. Because most cannabis growers aim to have greater yield, it is best that you plant the Early Miss female seeds indoors. Indoor growth can be made in containers that you can place in your homes. You can also have it in a greenhouse to allow control of environmental factors needed for their ideal growth.

Planting them indoors is actually an advantage because you can hide them from your neighbors. You can also regulate their growth more easily because they are less exposed to environmental stresses. Growing the Early Miss cannabis strain will require you to sustain the plant the physical requirements it needs such as adequate amount of light and water. You can use a lighting system as an alternative if sunlight cannot pass through the designated area of your pot farm. You can also have a smart watering system so that you will no longer worry about watering if you are away.

The Early Miss strain is known for its classic relaxing effect with moderate to high THC and CBD contents. If you want to try the Early Miss autoflowering strain, you can search for online merchants through the internet and place your orders. Make sure that they are selling female autoflowering seeds of Early Miss and once sure of it, place your order online and wait for your package.

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