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chocolate skunk strain

Chocolate Chunk

GeneticsChocolate Chunk x Unknown Ruderalis
Yield400 grams
Height100 cm
Flowering Time7-8 weeks
THC LevelHigh

The Chocolate Chunk hybrid is a cross from the original skunk and an unknown ruderalis strains. The genetic composition of this autoflowering cannabis strain is described as a combination of sativa, indica, and ruderalis. A hybrid cannabis strain is obtained by crossing two different marijuana strains that displays a combination of their phenotypic traits. With the three in one variety of the Chocolate Chunk, it is expected that the users of this variety will taste a flavorful combination of fruity taste with a powerful after effect.

What is unique about this cannabis strain is that it is versatile in terms of growing conditions. This means that whether you plant it indoors or outdoors, you will still achieve a desirable cannabis yield that is Chocolate Skunk. The flowering pattern of Chocolate Chunk follows photoperiod. Photoperiod pertains to the light requirement of cannabis plant to trigger their flowering period. For Chocolate Chunk, their flowering period is determined to be after seven to eight weeks, depending on how they are grown.

Everything varies depending on your choice of growing them. Growing Chocolate Chunk Strain is described to be easy, which is a good thing especially for those who are beginners. If you wish to grow the Chocolate Skunk indoors, expect a height ranging from 70-100 centimeters and they can be harvested after sixty days from seedling stage. The estimated yield for indoor cultivation is from 250 to 350 grams per square meter. When you grow the Chocolate Skunk outdoors, it can grow from 100-150 centimeters. Harvest period is ideal to be from the months of April to November with an expected maximum yield of 350 to 400 grams per square meter.

The Chocolate Chunk is described to be of high performance because of its strong genetic makeup. It is adaptive to any climate with promising amount of cannabis yield due to the extensive branching characteristic of the plant. This cannabis strain is admired for its sweet, flavorful taste and it gives the users a powerful high. They are known to have a high THC level, which is proven to have medicinal effects.

Growing a well adaptive cannabis strain is an advantage because you can grow them with less worry. With Chocolate Chunk Strain, you are guaranteed of sweet tasting yet powerful marijuana that promises a good amount of yield in a short time. Look for reliable online merchants on the internet to purchase for feminized seeds and begin your pot garden with Chocolate Chunk Strain.

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