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Blackberry Strain


GeneticsBlack Domino x Raspberry Cough
Yield400 grams
Flowering Time9-11 weeks
THC LevelHigh

One of the most admired innovations in the market of medicinal marijuana is the autoflowering strains. These autoflowering strains are a result of genetic crosses from one strain to another, creating a hybrid strain. The Blackberry autoflowering cannabis strain is a genetic cross from Black Domino and Raspberry Cough strains, which are truly potent parent cannabis strains. The name “Blackberry” is actually a combined name of its parents — Black and (Rasp) berry. According to most cannabis strain reviews, they see the Blackberry strain as exceptional because the buds are overflowing with dusts and trichomes (leaf hairs) that are purple in color, which gives the strain a unique yet appealing appearance.

Blackberry Strain Variety

In terms of the variety, the Blackberry is mostly Indica. The leaf structure is tight and compact, and this phenotype is attributed to the Black Domino strain. Growing the Blackberry strain is quite critical. The level of difficulty in growing this strain is described as intermediate, which means that you have to be particular about its physical requirements. The best way that you plant the Blackberry strain is to consider an indoor setting because it generally prefers a Mediterranean climate. Upon its growth, you will observe that the leaf arrangement is tight, which contributes to the bulk of total dry weight that you can achieve. The average yield for the Blackberry strain is estimated to reach up to 400 grams.

As mentioned above, indoor cultivation is best so that you can have maximum control while you keep them grow. Growing cannabis in pots may be expensive and to have a cheaper alternative, you can try to install a hydroponics method for watering and nourishing your plants. You do not have to worry about mold formations because the genetic makeup of the Blackberry is built to resist molds. They are well adapted to the environment and all you have to do is watch out for its flowering period that begins after nine to eleven weeks. Blackberry flowers seem to be swollen and overall appearance is purplish. The smell is a little bit weird because it is quite pungent yet it has sweet, berry scent.

The THC level of Blackberry is high, which was found out to relieve insomnia, depression, pain, and stress. If you suffer any of these, you can try Blackberry and purchase it online through selling websites. Visit any online merchant that you trust and place your orders right away for your Blackberry experience.

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