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Alaskan Thunder

ClimateIndoor or Outdoor
Yield450 g/m2 or more
Height150 cm
Flowering Time56 days
EffectStoned and Buzzed
THC Level21.49%

Alaskan Thunder is mostly an Indica hybrid that is also known as the Matanuska Thunder because it came from Matanuska Valley, Alaska. Some say that its name speaks of itself because it strongly affects the head of its users besides medicate the illness and pains that they are going through. It produces high quality cannabis plants and has an excellent hybrid from Alaskan strains such as Kodiak Gold, original strains, imitation hybrids, or Indica-dominant phenotypes.

Growth, appearance, aroma, and taste

The Indica type hybrid can be planted either in an indoor or outdoor garden for 56 days. Plant growers can easily raise the plants on an outdoor garden because it grows much taller and yields better quality. It grows up to 150 cm in height. Outdoor plants can be harvested during the months of September and October with an excellent yield of 450 grams per meter squared or higher. Moreover, the growth of the cannabis plants also depends on the type of weather condition because it can grow best when the weather is hot or cold.

The harvested plant features dark and light green colors with bright orange hairs that are covered with crystals on the buds. These buds give a strong skunk and pungent smell while it offers a powerful taste of orange or banana with added after taste spices. Its smell instantly affects that taste of its user because both of its taste and aroma lingers in the nose and mouth individually. Besides, it produces a high potent level of 21.49 % THC that directly makes the user feel stoned or buzzed in about 1 to 2 hours. These kinds of effects are greatly useful and needed for medical purposes.

Medical effects

Furthermore, Alaskan Thunder is suitable in the field of medicine. It is mostly used by smokers or patients who need to treat their migraines, post-traumatic stress disorder, headaches, and other types of chronic pains. The user who takes the cannabis plant can mostly feel happy while others may feel euphoric, energetic, uplifted, and relaxed. On the other hand, the user can mostly experience the drying of mouth while at the same time under the influence of the plant.


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