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Afghan Strain


GeneticsMostly Indica
Yield100-150 g/m²
Height40-80 cm
Flowering Time55-65 days (8-9 weeks)
EffectEuphoric and relaxed effect plus couch lock
THC Level22%

The Afghan, also known as the Afghan Kush, is a heavy Indica strain named after the nation where it originated. It’s one of the classics of cannabis strains, and Afghani weed is believed to be some of the earliest cannabis varieties around, so it has a lot to live up to in terms of legacy. Breeders from around the world have come to love and treasure the Afghan because of its heavy resin production that’s always been a huge hit among weed smokers who want, well, huge hits and highs themselves when partaking in recreational cannabis consumption. This unique trait has been passed on genetically, plus many popular hybrid strains trace back their parentage to the Afghan exactly because of its high THC levels (at 22%) that brings in the most mind-altering yet euphoric and positive highs possible that many 21st century breeders are searching for.

Afghan Strain Characteristic 

The Afghan is characterized not only by its THC-induced euphoria that’s tempered by its mostly Indica tendency for couch lock and complete muscle relaxation; it’s also well-known by its most common partakers for its medicinal properties that relieve stress disorders, pain, and insomnia. It also has a flavorful blend of sweetness and an earthy aroma that will automatically let you identify that you are smoking the instant classic known as the Afghan. In terms of appearance, the Afghan is known for its brownish and orangish tint as well as dull orange hairs everywhere. The thick hairs overpower the soft green color underneath, like it’s some sort of unique Middle Eastern fruit. If you ever smelled a mango orange, then the Afghan smells exactly like that.

It also has a hint of a funk that’s comparable to the mustiness of an old, moist basement. In other words, it smells like mango stuck inside a basement, which is actually the trademark Kush smell. Nevertheless, you can tell that what you’re smoking is the Afghan because it still has a unique odor that separates it from other Kushes. If you’re an anxious fellow full of fears and panic attacks, you’d have a hard time finding a more relaxing type of pot to smoke quite like the Afghan. It’s one of those designer cannabis strains that provides you with a burst of energy yet can still be relaxing all the while; it’s an almost orgasmic experience that enables you to focus even as you start feeling stoned and couch-locked, thus making you high yet fully functional at the same time. If you want this kind of feeling, then order your own seeds now.

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