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best autoflowering seeds

Best Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Nowadays, people have access to many different types of marijuana seeds. Many innovators have used technology as a means to create some of the most convenient types of products for weed growers. One such example is the invention of autoflowering weed seeds. These are a kind of marijuana seed that aims to make growers exert less effort when cultivating their own cannabis plants. You see, growers now have been spoiled with choices to plant seeds other than regular ones. It has given them a chance to experiment with other seed types and adjust their preferences when planting cannabis seeds.

Many people new to the cannabis industry would be confused as to what autoflowering weed seeds are. How do they work? Are they safe to use? Throughout this article, we will discuss the different details regarding autoflowering seeds.


Autoflowering marijuana seeds are seeds that are able to produce flowers automatically, hence the name. You see, regular and feminized marijuana seeds usually require ideal amounts of sunlight during their vegetative and flowering periods. Without this light, they would be unable to blossom and produce buds. On the other hand, autoflowering seeds will be able to produce buds despite being exposed to a limited amount of light. This makes for a much more convenient planting experience. But how are they able to do this? Where does this trait come from?

Indica and sativa cannabis is something that people have heard of quite often. They are two of the most common species of marijuana plants. However, not many people know of the ruderalis species. This is another type of cannabis usually found in Central Asia and some parts of Europe. Furthermore, it is what gives cannabis plants the ability to automatically produce flowers with minimum demand for light. 

You see, ruderalis cannabis was first found in places where rough climates and unpredictable weather conditions. As a result, they adapted the ability to flower despite the many hindrances in their environment. This also caused them to shorten their flowering periods as compared to other types of weed seeds.


Yes, they are. In fact, they have been the choice of many marijuana growers not due to their simplicity and fast flowering periods. They give growers the chance to have as many harvests as possible in a single growing season. Additionally, they are great for beginners who would like to ease their way into the cannabis growing scene slowly. 

However, there are some downsides to using autoflowering seeds. They do not produce a yield as high as feminized and regular weed seeds. Furthermore, their buds are known to contain lower THC levels. However, these are very minor setbacks as the advantages that they offer are hard to resist.


  • Northern Lights AutofloweringThis award-winning strain now comes in an auto-flowering version. Both beginners and longtime marijuana smokers would love this strain. THC levels for this strain measure up to around 14% because of its ruderalis genetics. It has a very distinguishable scent of diesel-like notes. Additionally, the effects of this strain induce heavy cerebral effects that relax your body and put you in a euphoric trip that will last for hours.
  • Blueberry Autoflowering People have constantly asked for it, and now it’s here! One of the most famous and beloved marijuana strains is now in autoflowering version! With an unmistakable scent and strong blueberry flavors, this strain is sure to get you hooked. Additionally, proper curing of this strain tends to bring out some sweetness and fruity notes that cover both your nose and palette. 
  • Kalashnikova AutofloweringAs the result of breeding the AK-47 with White Widow, this lovely strain brings a sharp sting that not many strains have. Upon smoking it, you can instantly notice the spicy and peppery flavors overwhelm your mouth. Its strong sedating effects are enough to knock out even the toughest smokers out there.
  • Royal Critical Autoflowering Many people choose this strain because of its perfect blend of subtle flavors and smooth highs. It is known to be a very versatile strain that provides both recreational pleasure and medical treatments. The effects of this strain are described as cerebral at first, making users feel happy and sociable. Afterwards, it hits you with a sudden jolt of calmness that relaxes the body for hours. 
  • Cream Caramel Autoflowering One of the best autoflowering strains is undoubtedly Cream Caramel. With the ease of cultivation, it is definitely a strain that is great for any marijuana garden. As the name suggests, sweet candy flavors can be expected from this strain. Despite the ruderalis influence mixed into this strain, it loses none of its potency as Cream Caramel Autoflowering still packs a punch. It delivers a strong body buzz that travels from your head down to your toes. Once you smoke it, you could instantly feel the calming sensations flow through your body.