If you’re a novice cultivator living in the United States and looking into purchasing cannabis outside the country, you need to make sure that the cannabis shop ships directly to the USA. Looking for the best marijuana seed bank in the USA may not seem easy as not all states have lawfully allowed the whole consumption of this.

Whether you’re still looking or not sure of the seed bank, we’re here to help you. We’ll give you the 5 best marijuana seed banks that have shipping options to the USA. We’ll also let you know some reasons why customers prefer buying cannabis seeds from this company.

Best Marijuana Seed Banks that Ship to the USA

Now, let’s go through the marijuana seed bank that ships their items in the USA.

MJ Seeds Canada

MJ Seeds Canada offers different varieties of marijuana strains from the most popular one to the most different cannabis plant in the world. The good thing about MJ Seeds Canada is that every single strain that is for sale can be delivered worldwide.

The customers can also opt to have free delivery as long as they reach a certain amount. By buying from this online seed bank, you are assured of the excellent service and the delivery will only take a few days even if you’re on the other side of the world.

They also have cheap marijuana seeds from a different selection of indoor, outdoor, feminized and medical marijuana seeds. Customers mentioned that MJ Seeds Canada has great customer service, they offer same day shipping and tracking and they have stealth packaging.

Rocket Seeds

Rocket seeds carry different types of cannabis strain from famous breeders from around the world as well as their own brand. They have traveled the world to ensure that they have found and developed strong relationships with the most reputable growers.

By making sure their relationships are stable, they bring affordable yet high-quality cannabis in the market and into your doorsteps. They have high standards in choosing which cannabis seeds and companies to carry.

They are also continuously looking for new strains and brands to carry. And their mission is to launch new strains every year. If you have plans of purchasing, it’s good to know that they ship cannabis seeds to all countries.

Their international customers will receive the package with random objects such as flash drive, flashlight, birthday cards, pens, and other items. This allows for less suspicion and lessens the package from getting opened at customs.

Their seeds are also packed in special packaging to ensure the seeds remain fresh and viable. It’s also shipped discreetly and with complete privacy regardless of where you’re located in the world.

Customers of Rocket Seeds recommend them for fast shipment; good germination rate and the buds will appear in a short period of time.

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds promises to have the cannabis seeds for you regardless whether you’re a medical patient, novice or experienced cultivator. Crop King Seeds has started in Canada but they now ship worldwide by using a state-of-the-art marijuana seed packaging.

Their seeds have very affordable prices and by having international stealth delivery, it will allow you to harvest your cannabis plants indoors or outdoors no matter where you live. Cannabis orders can be processed online or you can contact them over the phone or by using online chat service. You also have the option to use Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoins, Credit Cards and Money Orders.

The good thing about Crop King Seeds is that they invest in their employees to go to different parts of the world to look for new strains or maintain their good selection of seed genetics.

Customers love that Crop King Seeds deliver the products in a timely manner, they have great customer service over the phone, the staff is very knowledgeable and they are reliable and discreet about the orders.

Sonoma Seeds

Sonoma Seeds is a premium cannabis seed supplier. They assure their customers that the marijuana seeds they sell are of top quality. They handpick their strain to make sure they are providing the top quality seeds for every customer.

Their motto “grow organically” comes from the belief that the best quality plants come from those who have been grown naturally as possible.

They mainly ship products in the United States and Canada by regular shipping while for other countries that require international shipping with tracking.

What customers love about Sonoma Seeds is that it has 100% success on germination rate, the shipping and packaging are good, they have free shipping for orders $200 and up and the chocolate strain is very popular now?

Sun West Genetics

Having been in the business for over 10 years, Sun West Genetics has always been dedicated to providing high-quality cannabis seeds. Their seeds are known to be excellent for both medicinal and recreational use. Also, their seed selection varies for beginners and veteran cultivators.

They inspect their seeds for quality, tested and handpicked to be mature and viable. They offer 2 shipping options, regular shipping for Canadian customers while those bound for the USA is already considered international shipping.

While they offer to ship to worldwide, in a way of shipping to Canadian customers they will derive the seeds inside the original branded packaging. For customers from other countries, this includes the USA; they will receive the seeds inside a random discrete object.

You may see birthday cards, pens, beads, even flashlights there to ensure to lessen the suspicions of those who will receive the package. The customer can’t choose the item that will go with the package since they know which ones will work.

The reviews of the customers recommend Sun West Genetics because of the following reasons, they offer great delivery speed anywhere in the world, they have 24/7 customer support on either phone, email or live chat, the germination and quality of the seeds are remarkable and the strains will fit everyone’s preferences.