10 Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds to Grow in a Grow Box

10 Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds to Grow in a Grow Box

Planting your own weed stash is still possible even in the smallest of places!

Have you always been interested in trying out your hand in planting your own cannabis plants? Are tight and confined spaces hindering you from pursuing this goal? Worry no more! In this guide, we will show you the top 10 autoflowering cannabis seeds that are best fit for smaller locations, and discreet planting, particularly, grow box appropriate plants.

What is a Grow Box?

A cannabis grow box is a self-sufficient growing area, usually the size of a small box or cabinet. Most variants are light proof and odor proof, which is perfect for inconspicuous planting. Grow boxes are designed for home growers and are tailored with everything you need to cultivate your plants — grow lights, ventilation, hydroponics, reflective lining, temperature, and humidity monitoring systems.

They come in all dimensions, for all ranges of budget and incorporate various ranks of automation and technology. You can also go for building your own hydroponic grow boxes if you are up for the challenge.

Top 10 Autoflowering Seeds Perfect for a Grow Box

1. Royal Dwarf

Mainly created for its stealthy properties, the Royal Dwarf can remain as small as 40 cm (15 inches) in height when it is appropriately trained. It is designed for small and tight spaces like grow boxes, wardrobes, cupboards, and cabinets. Basically, it is the autoflowering version of the Skunk mixed with some Ruderalis. The flowers of the Royal Dwarf taste sweet and citrusy while providing a subtle, physically stoned effect. The composition is 60% Sativa, 10% Indica and 30% Ruderalis with low CBD, THC levels at 13% and yields 30 to 80 grams when dried.

2. Dwarf Low Flyer

With its origins traced to Spain, the Dwarf Low Flyer is a generally short plant that typically rises up to 2 feet (24 inches). It is a feminized auto that is perfect for stealthy indoor growing. It usually starts flowering at 6 weeks and usually requires 12 to 18 hours of light per day. The Dwarf Low Flyer is a combination of 70% Indica, 20% Sativa, and 10% Ruderalis, and gives out a low to a medium natural high. It has THC levels of 11% with low CBD and its yields average on 75 grams when dried.

3. Lambs Breath Autoflower

Known as Bob Marley’s favorite strain, Lambs Breath was combined with a Ruderalis for the autoflowering version. This breed is known for giving focus, creativity and high energy. It is also great for reducing anxiety and stress. Planting this strain can take 7 to 9 weeks for flowering, with the height reaching 12 to 18 inches. The Lambs Breath Autoflower is a mixture of 85% Sativa, 5% Indica, and 10% Ruderalis. It has relatively high THC levels of 18% and produces 150 to 250 grams of yield.

4. Rhino Ryder

The Rhino Ryder is an autoflowering variation of the Medicine Man, also known as the White Rhino. It has a relatively high THC at 20% and gained its fame for these potent and robust effects. The Rhino Ryder has a cinnamon-like flavor with a pear aftertaste. It can grow up to 40 inches or 100 cm. It is famously used as medical marijuana as it leaves you feeling good and quite sleepy. It flowers around 9 to 10 weeks and can give up to 350 grams yield.

5. Easy Bud

Well known for being the perfect beginner strain, the Easy Bud reaches an average height of only 20 inches or 50 cm, a great match for guerilla planting. It gives out a relaxing effect that also stimulates the user’s appetite. The Easy Bud is the combination of a White Indica and a Ruderalis and its blend is 55% Indica, 15% Sativa, and 30% Ruderalis. The THC levels are approximately 12% while the yield is usually 275 to 325 grams. The Easy Bud also tastes citrusy and herb-like, which makes it a great addition to edibles.

6. Quick One

As is described in its name, the Quick One is a famous strain for its fast-growing capabilities. The Quick One was taken from the Wiliams Wonder, Northern Lights, and Ruderalis. It is usually ready for harvest within 8 weeks. It is also quite compact, only growing from 50 to 60 centimeters or around 24 inches. The Quick One gives a physically stoned feeling in a mild but good way. It is made up of 10% Sativa 60% Indica and 30% Ruderalis while tasting fruity and citrusy.

7. Fastberry

Also known as a Blueberry Automatic, the Fastberry is well-loved by fans of berry tastes. Even its aroma during the growing cycle smells like berries. This strain gives a long and heavy high, great for people looking for relaxation. This is also a quick growing, with flowering starting at just after 25 days. The usual height is 70 to 120 cm or around 27 to 45 inches. The Fastberry has high THC levels at 19% and gives up to 250 grams yield.

8. Royal Creamatic

The Royal Creamatic came about after crossing a Ruderalis with a Honey Cream, which is a combination of BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica, and White Rhino. It gives a sugary-caramel aroma reminiscent of its photoperiod relative. This cannabis plant generally grows from 70 to 100 cm or 40 inches. It has an indoor yield of 400 to 450 grams, and flowers around 6 to 7 weeks. It is made up of 10% Sativa, 60% Indica, and 30% Ruderalis and it has 15% THC levels.

9. Royal Haze Auto

The Royal Haze traces her roots to Amsterdam’s Amnesia Haze in combination with a Skunk and a Ruderalis. This is a feminized strain that can be harvested within 10 to 12 weeks and can grow a short size of 60 to 100 cm. The Royal Haze tastes like herbs and citrus while giving you a cerebral high. When planted indoors, it can give a yield of 300 to 350 grams. Its blend is 55% Indica, 15% Sativa, and 30% Ruderalis.

10. Blue Cheese Automatic

Normally standing between 40 to 70 centimeters, the Blue Cheese Automatic is another great option for short autoflowering strains. This mix of Blueberry, Cheese, and Ruderalis strains flower from seven to eight weeks and ready for harvest in ten weeks. The Blue Cheese buds are very aromatic that smells like a combination of sweet, fruity, strong and skunky. It tastes like berries, spice, and a hint of cream cheese. It has a THC level of 16% and gives an uplifting high.

Take Your Pick!

These small but terrible strains are the top 10 autoflowering cannabis seeds that you can grow sneakily in your condo, apartment, basement or any considerably tiny space. Never forget to give your plants some attention and care, even if they are autoflowers, and research on some ways to take care of them, so you can get high-quality yields every time you harvest.

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